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  • Historic Preservation Fund grants for CLGs

The Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Grant program is appropriated annually from Congress through the National Park Service to the states. HPD reserves 10 percent of each year's appropriation for grants to Certified Local Governments (CLGs) . The 60/40 matching grants enable cities, towns, and rural areas to undertake projects that aid in the preservation of historic properties. See more here: HPF Grants 

  • Georgia Heritage grant

During the 1994 Legislative Session, the Georgia General Assembly initiated appropriations for grant funding for the preservation of historic properties in Georgia. Since that time, the Georgia Heritage Grant Program, administered through the Historic Preservation Division (HPD), has provided seed money for the preservation of historic properties and archaeological sites throughout the state. The Program offers matching funds on a statewide competitive basis to local governments and nonprofit organizations for the preservation of Georgia Register-eligible historic properties. Currently, this grant program is funded solely from preservation license plate sales revenue. See more here: Georgia Heritage Grant

  • Other grant programs and projects 

See: Other Grants


Who to contact...
Allison Asbrock, Outreach Program Manager 
allison.asbrock@dnr.ga.gov, or 770-389-7868