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Georgia Heritage grant
Georgia Heritage Grant Program Re-Opens for SFY 2015
After a hiatus of several years, limited funding for preservation projects through the Georgia Heritage Grant Program is available for the SFY2015 cycle. This grant program is 60%/40% reimbursable. Applications are now available on the HPD website. The application postmark deadline date is July 11, 2014. Eligible applicants include local governments and non-profit secular organizations for historic properties listed in or eligible for listing in the Georgia Register of Historic Places. Eligible activities include predevelopment projects such as preservation plans, feasibility studies or historic structure reports and development projects for actual "bricks and mortar" rehabilitation." For further information, please contact Carole Moore at 404-651-5566 or

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Predevelopment & Development Criteria

Predevelopment Application Instructions
Predevelopment Application

Development Application Instructions
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During the 1994 Legislative Session, the Georgia General Assembly initiated appropriations for grant funding for the preservation of historic properties in Georgia. Since that time, the Georgia Heritage Grant Program, administered through the Historic Preservation Division (HPD), has provided seed money for the preservation of historic properties and archaeological sites throughout the state. The Program offers matching funds on a statewide competitive basis to local governments and nonprofit organizations for the preservation of Georgia Register-eligible historic properties. Currently, this grant program is funded solely from preservation license plate sales revenue.

Read the Georgia Heritage Grant Program fact sheet for more information.

All grant assisted preservation work must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Archaeology and Rehabilitation of Historic Properties

Read our Architectural Technical Assistance articles.

On the Road Again! For Georgia Heritage Grants - January 2011

Georgia Heritage Grant to Tybee Theater is Catalyst for More Funding - September 2010

Tybee Theater completes Phase 1 of project funded by license plate - January 2010

Historic Preservation Fund grants for Certified Local Governments
The Historic Preservation Fund (HPF) Grant program is appropriated annually from Congress through the National Park Service to the states. HPD reserves 10 percent of each year's appropriation for grants to Certified Local Governments (CLGs) . The 60/40 matching grants enable cities, towns, and rural areas to undertake projects that aid in the preservation of historic properties.  Read the Historic Preservation Fund Grant fact sheet.

Scholarships Available for Georgia’s CLGs to attend NAPC FORUM in Philadelphia
The Historic Preservation Division (HPD) of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, in partnership with National Alliance of Preservation Commissions (NAPC) is pleased to announce we will be awarding five scholarships to Certified Local Government (CLG) historic preservation commission members and staff to attend the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions Forum. The NAPC Forum will take place from July 16-20, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  
Awards for these scholarships will be given on a competitive basis to either HPC members or staff in a CLG community of good standing.  An application and information packet may be downloaded here (PDF).  All applications must be postmarked by Friday, May 15, 2014 for consideration and funding announcements will be made by Friday, May 30, 2014.  

Each CLG may apply for one scholarship per HPC member or CLG staff.  Please note that all scholarships will require a 40% match (in-kind, cash, or a combination of the two).  If you need assistance with your budget please contact Carole Moore at 404.651.5566  If you have questions about the CLG program please contact Leigh Burns at 404.656.2840 or  The most current information about the NAPC Forum may be found here.

We look forward to welcoming our Georgia scholarship attendees to Philadelphia this July!

FFY 2014 HPF grant cycle

Seven Georgia communities will receive federal subgrants to conduct historic preservation projects, which will began in April 2014 and will be completed by September 2015. A total of $83,471 from the FFY2014 Historic Preservation Fund has been awarded this year. The seven subgrant recipients are as follows:

  • City of Albany/Dougherty County—$15,000 for a historic resources survey in the city’s Rawson Circle and Rawson Park neighborhoods and a study for possible inclusion in an expansion of a local historic district.
  • City of Ashburn/Turner County—$17,280 for general stabilization/repair and a new roof for the historic Wesleyan Tabernacle Bunkhouse.
  • City of Atlanta/Fulton County—$20,000 for a historic context study focusing on post-WWII commercial resources in downtown Atlanta, following up on last year’s successful subgrant project for a historic resources survey of downtown Atlanta.
  • City of Avondale Estates/DeKalb County—$9,270 for stabilization and repair of Carl’s Corner, a gateway monument into the City.
  • Cobb County Board of Commissioners—$10,000 for foundation repair and stabilization of the historic Pace House in Vinings.
  • City of Dalton/Whitfield County—$10,821 for a historic resources survey of four National Register of Historic Places districts, listed over 20 years ago, for possible district expansion.
  • City of Harlem/Columbia County—$1,100 for a downtown historic district walking tour brochure/cell phone audio tour.

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Survey & Planning Criteria
Survey & Planning Application Instructions
Survey & Planning Application pdf Word

Predevelopment & Development Criteria

Predevelopment Application Instructions
Predevelopment Application pdf Word

Development Application Instructions
Development Application pdf Word

Guidance for National Register nominations
Example Scope of Work for a National Register District Nomination
Georgia Historic Resources Survey guidelines
Example Scope of Work for Historic Resources Surveys
Elements to include on an HPC website
All grant-assisted preservation work must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Archaeology and Rehabilitation of Historic Properties.

Read our Architectural Technical Assistance articles.

FFY 2013 HPF grant cycle
The following seven Georgia communities received a federally funded grant to conduct historic preservation projects which began in April 2013 and must be completed by September 30, 2015.

  • City of Athens - $11,100 for a conditions assessment and tree assessment for the Oconee Hill Cemetery.
  • City of Augusta/Richmond County - $12,000 for phase 2 of the Summerville historic resources survey.
  • City of Avondale Estates - $9,600 for phase 2 of a city-wide historic resources survey.
  • City of Brunswick - $6,000 for interpretative/educational signage for the recently discovered and archaeologically-documented Colonial-era Wright Square Burial Ground.
  • City of Dublin - $10,800 for phase 1 of a city-wide historic resources survey.
  • City of Rome - $13,800 for plaster repair, paint analysis, and exterior painting for the Chieftains Museum, a National Historic Landmark and an official site on the Trail of Tears National Historic Trail.
  • City of Washington - $16,276 for window repair for the North Alexander School, designed by noted architect R.H. Hunt and built in 1897.

FFY 2012 HPF grant cycle
The following ten Georgia communities received a federally funded grant to conduct historic preservation projects which began in April 2012. 

  • City of Atlanta - $10,500 for phase 1 of a downtown mid-20th-century historic resources survey.
  • City of Avondale Estates - $11,500 for phase 1 of a city-wide historic resources survey.
  • City of Chickamauga - $4,200 for phase 1 of a city-wide historic resources survey.
  • City of Cordele - $6,000 for design guidelines for the Gillespie-Selden historic district.
  • City of Decatur - $10,900 for a National Register nomination for its northeast residential neighborhood.
  • City of Gainesville - $9,000 for residential and commercial design guidelines.
  • City of Jefferson - $1,200 for a historic preservation commission website.
  • City of Savannah - $12,000 for phase 1 of a city-wide historic resources survey.
  • City of Thomasville - $1,870 for a ground penetrating radar survey of Laurel Hill Cemetery.
  • City of Tifton - $20,000 for phase two of a preservation plan for the historic Myon Hotel.


Other grant programs and projects
Cemetery grant projects funded by HPD

Heritage Tourism grants
In 2011, HPD has partnered with the Georgia Department of Economic Development and the Fox Theatre Institute to offer a new, one-time grant program for historic theaters. The purpose of this grant program is to assist local communities in promoting their historic theaters through heritage tourism.  Heritage tourism is a visitor encounter with the local customs, traditions, arts, history, sites, and culture that authentically represent a particular place.  Eligible projects included research and documentation; interpretation and public information; advertising and marketing; workshops and training; special events; and signage. Bricks and mortar projects were not eligible for this program.  The reimbursable grant funds are 50% state/50% local match and were awarded on a competitive basis. 

The five projects began in July 2011 and were completed in September 2012:
The Statesboro Arts Council--$2,500 for a puppet show history of Bulloch County at the Averitt Center for the Arts
The President Theatre, Inc.--$2,000 for a brochure, signage and marketing to promote the theater.
The City of Toccoa--$2,960 to produce a historic structure report for the Schaefer Center (formerly the Ritz Theater).
•The Springer Opera House Arts Association, Inc.--$1,715 to produce a brochure for the opera house.
The Washington Little Theater, Inc.--$825 to produce a promotional brochure and upgrade the theater’s website. .

previous heritage tourism grants administered by HPD:
Preserve America grant for Georgia's Community Landmarks - August 2009
Historic Cemetery Heritage Tourism grants - May 2009, October 2008
Preserve America grant for Cemetry Preservation - March 2008, January 2007

HPD's Preserve America grant projects - May 2010