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Women's History

Women's History

HPD established the Georgia Women's History Initiative in 1995 to address the topic of women's history in the identification, documentation, evaluation, and preservation of historic places. 

The mission of the initiative has been to integrate women's history and the preservation of historic places associated with women into the day-to-day activities of the Georgia Historic Preservation Division.

The initiative's mission has been to:

  • Actively seek to identify and document historic places associated with women in Georgia, including specific places associated with a particular woman, group of women, or event, as well as resources that collectively reflect broad themes associated with the roles of women in the state's history.
  • Reinterpret historic places already identified in Georgia based upon a better understanding of women's history in Georgia.
  • Promote the awareness, appreciation, and preservation of historic places associated with women in Georgia.


Rose Standish Nichols - March 2015 
Leila Ross Wilburn - March 2014 
The Jack and Louise Hill House and Flannery O'Connor's Andalusia - March 2013 
Girl Scouts of the USA turns 100 - March 2012 
Designing Women:  Four Pioneer Architects in Georgia - October 2011 
Don't Forget the Wife and Kids!  - March 2010 
Clermont Huger Lee, Georgia's first female landscape architect - December 2009

Who to contact:

Stephanie Cherry-Farmer, National Register & Survey Program Manager
stephanie.cherry-farmer@dnr.ga.gov, 770-389-7843