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Preservation Planning

Preservation Planning

The Historic Preservation Planning program helps ensure that local citizens have a voice in preserving Georgia's historic resources and that those resources are included in planning activities throughout the state. Activities include:

  • Assisting Regional Commissions and federal, state and local governments with implementation of planning legislation
  • Identifying trends that affect historic resources and developing initiatives in response
  • Coordinating with other agencies and organizations that effect historic resources
  • Developing and implementing Georgia's statewide historic preservation plan


External links
  -  Historic Preservation Planning Program: National Park Service
  -  American Planning Association: a nonprofit and research organization representing  planners, officials, and citizens involved with urban and rural planning issues. 
  - Georgia Planning Association: a chapter of the American Planning Association with over 700 members in Georgia.


Who to contact:

Allison Asbrock, Outreach Program Manager & CLG Coordinator
allison.asbrock@dnr.ga.gov, 770.389.7868